Support For Your Compliance Program In The Cloud

Online Access To Compliance News, Data, Experts & More

Increase Quality By Saving Time and Money on Compliance

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CHS NewsRoom®

Stop looking for information - we do it for you and deliver it to your desktop.  Our news aggregator saves you critical time and allows you to become "compliance aware"

CHS Situation Room®

The best way to maintain "compliance awareness" - our CEU approved, monthly briefing provides a quick and easy-to-understand summary of compliance developments taking place in last 30 days

CHS DataCenter®

Let us crunch the numbers - our dashboard of charts, graphs and maps allows you to better focus your compliance resources based on current trends

CHS ClassRoom®

We offering 2 interesting and informative webinars each month - these 1 hour, CEU approved webinars are a great way to supplement and increase your substantive knowledge of healthcare laws and regualtions

CHS Peer Network®

Our Peer-To-Peer forum allows you to build your network of professional peers willing to help you work through compliance challenges

CHS LifeLine®

Sometimes you just need to speak with someone - our "on-demand" panel of compliance experts stands ready to help. Easy online scheduling takes the hassles out of compliance consultation

Complete Access. From Any Device, Anywhere

Designed With Your Busy Schedule In Mind

Cloud Based Platform Provides Access To Compliance Information, Education and more while on the move.

Support Your Compliance Infrastructure With Our Online & Automated Compliance & Ethics Hotline

Desktop Compliant Management System

Online compliance & ethics hotline allows you to receive instantaneous notifications by text and email

Manage compliant investigation process with our compliance management tool